How do I disable the ability to install the bootloader?

If I am creating a new partition table, then calamares allows me to not install the bootloader, but if I have a pre-existing partition table then I have no choice but to install the bootloader.

is it possible in anyway to disable the installation of a bootloader?


Are you suggesting that I should ask the calamares’s developers regarding this issue?

It sounds like some sort of bug, so yes.

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I see, yeah maybe, I noticed the same thing with other distros as well.

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According to a user, I have to first set the mountpoints, only then I can get the option to not install the bootloader.


Who also happen to be our forum admin @joekamprad :grinning:

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Oh lol I didn’t even know it was him, how did you know he gave me the solution though? Did you check the github issues?

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on GitHub i still use an very old historic username, but you could see it:2020-09-07_14-36