How do I add a package to the AUR?

I have been using Agisoft Metashape for a few years now in university. For the newest version there is an appropriate package available (

Now that the company released the new version the package contains the version 2.0.X, but I don’t have licensing for it. Is there a way to also offer the older version (1.8.5) for everyone who is still using the old licensing model?

Both 2.X and 1.X are available in Standard and Pro version from their website:
The AUR only has 2.X and 2.X Pro.

  1. Check that the home/(user)/.cache/yay (or home/(user)/.cache/paru/clone) folder has the old version with the .pkg.tar.zst extension.

  2. Or try Wayback Machine :

I’m trying to download using your method with the wayback machine. When performing the following:

sudo pacman -U

I only get an error for not having a signature for the package. How do I add them from ?

I don’t know anything about building, I was just trying to give you some ideas. In the Sources (7) section I could download e.g. metashape-pro_1_6_3_amd64.tar.gz ( 112,0 MiB (117 399 004) )

The documentation for how to add a package to AUR is here:

If you want the old package files, you don’t need to use the wayback machine. You can get the complete history from here:

Do you know if there is an automated way to downgrade AUR packages similar to “downgrade”?

There is no automated way that I am aware of. You could see if the package is still in your cache and if so you can install it with sudo pacman -U /path/to/built/package. However, if it is built against old libraries it may not work.

For yay the cache is in ~/.cache/yay

You could also download the AUR files from commit e5d80a71a35f30de9c4ec2bfc259db6959e75a55 and then use makepkg to build the package

Ah, thank you very much. I managed to do it with makepkg. Somehow forgot, this command exists.

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