How different will the future versions of EOS be regarding picking a desktop during install?

With that question I mean… right now, when we install EOS, we’re stuck with XFCE. For those of us that like Cinnamon, I installed it and removed XFCE. Once the online installer comes along and you can pick which desktop you want during the install… will it be drastically different from what I did? If so, will simply doing a pacman -Syu (or equivalent command) make my ‘old’ install the exact same as the online installer if I picked Cinnamon?

I’d hate to invest the time to get Cinnamon and everything else set up perfectly and X time down the road, have to blow it all away and use the online installer and pick Cinnamon and have a different looking setup than what I have now. Does that make sense?

Speaking of the online installer, what’s the target ETA for that again?

Its stil a rolling release , so each new iso you dont need to reinstall… but having a fresh iso on a usb-stick can help if you got a issue to fix in chroot can always helpfull doesnt mean you have to reinstall and loose some work. a reinstall can always differs from a personaly tuned system


Like Ringo said you don’t need a reinstall, but if you made a separate home partition, your set up will be saved in that partition and if you reinstall with the required apps and packages, you’ve installed earlier your set up comes back without doing any tinkering.