How did we get from gigabit to 2.5 gigabit

why not just 2 or 5 or 10? Why 2.5 ?

Because a 2.5 Gigabit signal works on most 5e cabling up to 100 metres and even a 5.0 Gigabit signal will usually work too. Normally they always go 10X the current spec. Problem is now it’s gotten too fast and even if you upgrade your equipment the 5e cabling can’t handle it without changing all the wiring. which just isn’t in the cards for most existing commercial applications unless it’s a totally new installation. So they came up with 2.5 and 5.0 Gigabit so that most existing installations can increase network speeds without ripping out all the wiring. If you went to 10 Gigabit which is 10X the current speeds you need cat 6 for up to 55 meters and cat 6a for 100 meters.



i have cat 6 cabling but i have no need to go 10gb ethernet. i think i am at 330Mbit from my provider. TY for the answer

No household needs 10 Gigabit and it would be cost prohibitive. It’s more for commercial and providers that need this. I am running Fibre optic cable and am able to get 1500 Mbit but is too expensive. Currently i run 500 -600 Mbit.

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I remember when people said 65 kilobits is more than enough for homes… :joy:
At the time it really was much better than before.


It depends what you do in your household…

I know quite a few people that have 10G ethernet and/or fiber networks in their homes.

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I only have 1GbE on the internet. We can have up to 10GbE. I don’t need that. However, I have 10GbE in the home. Not everything, but started a little bit.