How DARE you?!

Literally American gamers?!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



In the end its actually better for the consumer, because now he has to buy the components one by one. Gaming PCs usually are way overpriced.

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Id say its better for me, because i cant stop laughing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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We invaded this country. Our fault.


It seems this has been in the books since 2016. They just started to enforce it now after giving enough time to adjust. Its mainly due to power consumption. I think JayZ explains it better.


13 minute plus? Kiss my ass you dumb yank. Ive got better things to do with my life. Screw you! :laughing:

Reminds me of how in some 3rd world countries they regularly cut out the power to the cell networks, because they cant produce enough power. So on some days of the month you just dont have any cell service at all.

Congratulations California, youre on your way to become Libya. :rofl:


This state is a pile of trash, like a great big boat anchor dragging the rest of the country into the toilet with it.

Were the greatest country ever. Lets be like everyone else instead! Hurray!!

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Ironic? We invaded you, reap the rewards. Bitter no. Karma yes. :wink:

At least (for now) we can protect ourselves from ourselves.

That is very true and there is nothing wrong with that, but by imposing yourselves by force upon other cultures you make enemies. Britain did this with its Empire and where are we now? Looking forward is a good thing but there is a lot to be learned from history. That is wisdom.

Hmm, biggest enemy China or USA, or perhaps the Soloman Islands. Man I am so confused! Never mind I have 1300 channels of crap TV to watch. The Simpsons is on, or Friends replay. Life is sweet. Sorry @fbodymechanic Im not getting at you. I lived in the USA in '98 and enjoyed it. Times change including what pass for governments around our planet

Before this topic gets closed, lets allow people to have their very rightful laughs, will you? :rofl:

P.S. Forum rules and all that :roll_eyes:

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Yeah this topic should be moved the Lounge or Pub at the very least. I fully agree with that. :grin:

That i dont agree, you know those states mentioned still have gamers存o gamers here might wanna know they need to move elsewhereOR**insert_forum_rules_here** :rofl:

Oh shut up or move it! :rofl:

@Bryanpwo please move this to the pub, we are getting silly here! :laughing:

Just so you know politics religion etc etc are off the table regardless of the section. Keep it friendly and its all good.

You could always start producing your own electricity:


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I should take a toaster with me evertime i ride my bike. :wink:

Edit: I like my toaster a little darker! :laughing: