How come it the start menu has changed to Xubuntu's start menu?

Hey guys I am using xfce and the start button has changed


I am not too sure why this has happened?

This icon depends on the icon theme you are using. Did your icon theme change recently?

Other than that, when you right click on that icon you get a popu menu where you can open an “Options” dialog. And there you can change the icon to whatever you want.

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Using the EndeavourOS default one.

And yes it just randomly changed.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

That is weird. Sure you never ever copy pasted or swapped to new icon themes on that install ?

the icon set in whisker menu is not from icon theme it is from /usr/share/endeavouros/ folder so a long as package endeavouros-theming is installed it should not change… the only thing i could think of is that an update for whisker menu could change it back or theming setup cache option from xfce4.


Nope never done that, I remember this would happen since last year :frowning:

Maybe that could be that.