How can recognize the archives(songs,images,etc) from my pendrive?

Hi! I installed in my note Dell Inspiron(2009) an Endeavour OS, with XFCE DE. In general, this remaster/distro is very good.
One day, i would like to transfer music from my PC to my Pendrive…that pendrive has some ditties and images, but nothing appeared when use in my Endeavour OS. This not occurred in Mint, Zorin, Fedora, Antix and Windows 7…I guess it have something to do with drivers…But i can’t find the solution from it.
Can anyone help me?

Best regards from Brazil.

In what way? Does the drive mount but with nothing on it, or does the drive not appear in Thunar, or does the drive not appear as a USB drive at all?

Is your pen drive special in some way? Does it require specific drivers?

Check the Arch wiki page for Thunar (specifically the sections referring to mounting devices and the required software):

Did you try commands

lsblk -fm
sudo blkid

to see the anything about the USB drive?

How is the USB drive formatted? Which filesystem?

Also, you could try other USB ports.