How can I use the BSPWM edition from the I3 edition without reinstalling the os

I want to use the BSPWM edition of endevouros but I dont want to reinstall everything

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Here is the repo

If you have knowledge of dotfiles, then you can easily copy paste the required dotfiles to the locations where they belong to.

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Yes you can do that for sure!

Just read this complete post before continuing to do anything on your system.

From a terminal, run

git clone

cd bspwm

chmod +x


Now, keep in mind, your rofi, polybar, dunst and termite configs will be re-written with what Endeavour OS provides. The Gtk configs will also be changed.

A different (and better imo) way to do it would be to clone the above repository link, and copy .config/bspwm, .config/polybar and .config/sxhkd to your ~/.config/ folder. Since you already use i3 I am assuming you understand what I am trying to say. You can always ask if you have any doubts.

Then install the required packages

yay -S bspwm sxhkd polybar

This should give you a minimal bspwm install of our configs.

Log out and log in to bspwm.


FWIW Here’s a tutorial that shows you how-to setup multiple wms in a single user space…

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Looking at my earlier post, i see I missed out few things.

You need the Iosevka font on your system for polybar to work. There are two ways. You can from aur

yay -S nerd-fonts-iosevka

This package is over 100mb in size. If you don’t want this big package on your system, you can also download the single font file from our repo and place in your ~/.fonts.
This is the link. It is 1.2 mb.

Next, there is a powermenu. Get the file from here and save in ~/.config/rofi/

You will already have picom configuration from i3 edition.

Try from my first post, and these points. If you find something is missing, you can tell here. We’ll help you fix it.

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