How can I make skype use kde wallet

Hi, I am trying to use skype with kde wallet instead of gnome-keyring. Anyone know how I can do it?

It is not possible. So you have to use gnome-keyring. If you don’t like it, write a bug-description against it to the developers at Microsoft.

The web is full of the same complaints as yours.

(If I only knew how to search the web.)

I though it was made possible by kde devs in latest updates

Any proof of this? Where?


Sorry, can’t find any proof of what you “thought” on the page you showed. Only “skype” entry on that page is from someone in the comments, asking the same question as you do, and expressing his year-long hopes for same.


“For Frameworks 5.97, Slava Aseev has implemented support in KWallet for the org.freedesktop.secrets standard, which allows KDE apps to be more compatible with 3rd-party credential storage methods”

and the pinned comment of this link

That doesn’t mean, KDE has implemented it yet. On that page, the word “skype” does not appear at all, or?!

Ok, here it is:

bulletmark commented on 2020-04-30 10:01 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-13 00:22 (UTC) by bulletmark)

To get automatic login, install a package that provides org.freedesktop.secrets, e.g. gnome-keyring.

To get a systray icon, install libappindicator-gtk3. On GNOME, then install the appindicator extension.

It also doesn’t mention accessibilty of skype on linux to KDE wallet.

Don’t know what are you trying to prove here. :man_shrugging:

I was trying to give you some insight into the matter, by telling you it is actually impossible in my first post.

Take it, or leave it, I’m out of this thread from now on. :peace_symbol:

(Being able to read puts one i a uniquely advantageous position, sometimes.)

dude why tf are you so angry? i am not trying to prove anything here. I just shared the link to say why I thought we could use kwallet instead of gnome keyring. I was mistaken.

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I asked you for proof of your assertion… and there was none.

It is why I asked, what you were trying to prove.

Ah, so :peace_symbol: again from my end.

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Just here to say i could solved the problem by uninstalling skype and gnome-keyring completely and and reinstalling skype and installing kwalletmanager.

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