How can I change the default options for mounting usb drive?

So I have a couple of my documents for my university on external USB.

Among them there are hmtl documents, which I use with xampp.

So I wanted to keep them on USB, but xampp requires them to be in special directory, so I created a link, which works, but after I change the permissions for mounting directory to 755. How can I set them for default?

I use KDE Plamsa 6 with linux6.8 kernel.

AFAIK fat32 is unable to store permissions and time stamps are limited.
Consider using rsync onto an ext4 partition. Otherwise take a look at this story

Sorry I should have specified, the usb drive is formatted in ntfs.

Also the problem is not with the files on the drive.

When mounting usb it gets mounted in /run/media/[USER]/[UUID]/

I want to change default permissions for the [USER] folder, because it doesn’t exist when nothing is mounted.

EDIT: typo in the directory.

I can’t answer your question. This script is a draft only.
cat ./

# Check whether usb is mounted and set permissions
while :
    mount | grep -q ntfs
    if [ "$MOUNTED" != "$PREV" ]; then
     case $MOUNTED in
        echo "Not mounted"
        echo "Ready... changing permissions"
       chmod -R 755 /run/media/a/20147BDB6AC15C9E
       umount -l /run/media/a/20147BDB6AC15C9E
        echo "Unmounted"
    sleep 5
udisks rant

Ah, I see, you’ve been introduced to Redhat FreeDesktop abomination known as udisks meant to further push other abomination known as GN*ME. Sorry for the rant, I really dislike both. Anti-choice stuff all the way.

You are not “supposed” to change the permissions of /run/media/$USER directory, the tool was not designed like that, but there is a workaround if you really want to do it.

Check out my post(s) in the thread linked below, it’s regarding Samba, but it’s the same issue.