How best to keep an installation up-to-date

Hello, will an user be notified at certain intervals w/o installing any further tools of required updates on a daily basis given a fresh install?

Is anything mentioned here from a top level perspective?


On a fresh install you will have the EOS Update Notifier running, letting you know about updates available. The easiest way to update is using the terminal, and typing:


The Welcome app provides easy way of updating. With Welcome updates can be done manually (the Update System button under the Assistant tab), or configure the automatic update notifier (button Configure eos-update-notifier under After Install tab).

Of course there are many other ways to keep the system updated. This forum has many threads about, for example, the Pamac package manager, please look at them too.


You don’t need an update notifier. This is Arch, unless you’ve just updated, there are always updates available. Just like you don’t need a program that spams you with notifications telling you that water is wet.1

Just run yay every couple of days and you system will be up to date. You don’t need to update the moment there is an update available. In fact, if you go a month without updating, nothing bad will happen.

1This is a good opportunity to remind everyone to drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated! :frog:


I believe you’ve meant seconds :sweat_smile:


True :sweat_smile:

Thanks for also shedding light on what a rolling release means to us; makes me feel comfortable :smiley:

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Screenshot from 2021-06-16 19-38-09

So far, I have not been able to find out when this box appears and when not.

As far as I know, this only appears in Gnome 40. It appears at poweroff or reboot AFTER one has run a pacman update. It seems Gnome is trying to copy Windows and only get the updates ready, then actually implement the updates at reboot or poweroff.



Does it perhaps think it is on a debian-based system? It might work there.

That’s really stupid on Arch. For 99% of the packages, no reboot is necessary when they are updated. I guess GNOME devs do not use Arch, btw.

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