Household announcement

Due to personal circumstances, Joekamprad is keeping a low profile on the forum and development.
For specific questions regarding Endeavour and/or the ISO, you can direct them to either @manuel @fernandomaroto or me.

At this moment, we can’t tell you if this will have its effect on the upcoming release, we will inform you soon on that.


Let’s hope @joekamprad will be in a better “shape” soon. I will be less helpful about ISO testing until the end of this week too. Sorry :frowning:


I have been asked in concern about Joe’s absence and thank you for that.

I want to make clear that Joe is healthy, so he isn’t infected with the Corona virus, his absence is because of a personal reason.

We wish him all the best and love but it is key to give him some space.


Dear Bryan,

Of course it is none of my business but I hope that you can attract some more qualified people to work on the team. Three “main” members is really not enough in my opinion.

I myself am eminently NOT qualified but surely there are other people who are and could be recruited for the development team.

I am aware that “too many cooks spoil the stew” but a few more development members would take the pressure off the others.

That’s just my opinion and I hope that you’ll accept this suggestion in the spirit in which it is intended.

Thank you for all that you and the other developers do.


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There are more people on the development team, each are doing their part. the only thing we are looking into is if we can produce a new release within two weeks, if not it will be postponed. :wink:


Hope Joe isn’t distressed physically and/or emotionally for too long for their own sake. Appreciate the transparency on release date.

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