Hopes for next year/How would you remember 2020?

Hello everyone!

The year comes to a close. 2020 hasn’t been very kind to many people. Many lost their loved ones. Others suffered a lot. What happened cannot be changed and they will be in our minds forever.

I have a small request: remember 2020 for something good that happened, and less for the pandemic.

For me, 2020 is special because I finally (think that I’ve) figured out what I’m gonna do with my life. Its a very unachievable goal. Lets see where I stand 2 or 3 decades later.

Another good thing about 2020 was that I started using EnOS. You guys know the rest…

So, what would you remember 2020 for?


Not a lot of good memories for this year, I’m afraid. Even without COVID, it’s been rough.

I suppose the best thing about 2020 for me is that I discovered that there is a world-class brewery located right by me, Foulmouthed Brewing (South Portland, Maine USA). Incredible farmhouse-style ales and sours that can stand up to the giants.

So at least there was that.


I’d rather bloody not. Not enough weed and alc in the world to wipe this Charlie Foxtrot from memory though…


A hole in my pocket…


2020 sucked for many but I did have one of the best summers yet at the lake.
Spent the full summer from May to Oct camping on crown land with no neighbors with the wife and dog. Wildlife was to die for and the weather was hot, dry and water was refreshing.
Now we just need to get by this virus so we can carry on.
My biggest downfall was loosing my father of 86 years.


I spent about 2 weeks at the countryside. (more like village).
The place is nearly disconnected from the cities, so there is near niil fear of covid. We had a traditional festival, and for once in this year, I say many people together, without masks, happy and excited. Too bad we don’t have decent internet connection there. (even the forum website took over a minute to load). Otherwise, it was a good experience. Being with family and celebrating.


This is the booster we use for our phones and Internet for the lake. People here use it from 40 miles/ 70 km to get cell service. Our distance is only about 15 km as the crow flies.


Over here, boosters are not allowed. Recently, there was a drive in our city, where the officials took off many cell boosters and fined people for using them.
Moreover, I won’t say that the village people will consider the investment. Poverty is too much there.

Edit: I see the price translates to 15k INR. Absolutely no chance that they’ll be able to purchase it even if the residents pooled money.


I’d rather not! :laughing:


Highlights of 2020. On Dec 30th, I got a new computer. . .

I had a LOT of tequila and peanut butter stout. . .

And, ya I think that’s it.


The year of barely leaving my house…

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I’m just taking one day at a time. That’s all i can do. Do my best…help who ever i can and hope to get past all this. Never give up!


As the year I went from being an individual to being a statistical figure in a faceless “herd” :no_mouth:

I remember 2020 as an interesting, struggling year. Fortunately, COVID-19 was avoided, but the family also had illness and hospitalization. At the same time, the world has changed, along with so many of my peers, we have not yet experienced what it was this year. Hopefully next year all back to the old wheelhouse.

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I learned a few things - forgot a few things - and would like to forget lots more! Mostly as a walking risk factor (older, overweight, diabetic smoker with a history of heart trouble) I am surprised to see the end of it!

Keep smiling everybody - and work for improvements…


I don’t like wearing a mask, for it just fogs my glasses. All products got expensive this year in the shops, internet and stationary. But, everything grew very well in the garden.

I don’t blame the country of origin of this covid virus, for such can happen everywhere, but I blame the “leaders” of the western world, who undermined the danger, who practically told people not to wear masks. This pandemic mostly grows faster in the western world. Most people die there from this.

Best to take the vaccine, when its available in your area. Wish you all a very healthy new 2021!


Agree with you 100%

Happy new year! :fireworks:

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As rather shite.

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A kind note to everyone: This thread was meant for spreading hope, positive vibes. I do agree with the ideas presented by some forum members. But let’s refrain from discussing politics. Rather, share your plans for the next year, or how much you (dis)liked 2020. The internet is too much filled with places to discuss other things.

Happy New Year to everyone! :partying_face:
I hope this goes lot better than what we’ve gone through.