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Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have disclosed a new side-channel attack called SLAM that could be exploited to leak sensitive information from kernel memory on current and upcoming CPUs from Intel, AMD, and Arm.

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I guess we might get the same comment from Linus when “Spectre” and “Meltdown” came to be known …

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from the link:

"The attack is an end-to-end exploit for Spectre based on a new feature in Intel CPUs called Linear Address Masking (LAM) as well as its analogous counterparts from AMD (called Upper Address Ignore or UAI) and Arm (called Top Byte Ignore or TBI).

“SLAM exploits unmasked gadgets to let a userland process leak arbitrary ASCII kernel data,” VUSec researchers said, adding it could be leveraged to leak the root password hash within minutes from kernel memory.

While LAM is presented as a security feature, the study found that it ironically degrades security and “dramatically” increases the Spectre attack surface, resulting in a transient execution attack, which exploits speculative execution to extract sensitive data via a cache covert channel.

“A transient execution attack exploits the microarchitectural side effects of transient instructions, thus allowing a malicious adversary to access information that would ordinarily be prohibited by architectural access control mechanisms,” Intel says in its terminology documentation."

----I took this block of text and cut and paste into my translator hoping to get an English translation since my language is English. I even set it to output in English. But no luck. It kept coming back out like that. Can anyone tell what language this Hacker News article was in?