History of our planet in one hour

From Kurzgesagt comes the history of our planet in one hour. They write: “Earth is 4.5 billion years old — which is approximately the same amount of time it took us to create this video. We’ve scaled the complete timeline of our Earth’s life into our first animated movie! Every second shows about a million years of the planet’s evolution. Hop on a musical train ride and experience how long a billion years really is.” Below, you can find the timestamps for the geologic periods covered in the video.


0:00 Intro
0:51 Hadean
8:04 Eoarchean
13:20 Paleoarchean
18:35 Mesoarchean
23:51 Neoarchean
27:47 Siderian
30:24 Rhyacian
33:42 Orosirian
36:58 Statherian
39:38 Calymmian
42:15 Ectasian
44:52 Stenian
47:30 Tonian
51:12 Cryogenian
52:18 Ediacaran
53:35 Cambrian
54:17 Ordovician
54:49 Silurian
55:08 Devonian
55:55 Carboniferous
56:43 Permian
57:21 Triassic
58:02 Jurassic
58:46 Cretaceous
59:48 Paleogene
1:00:21 Neogene
1:00:38 Quaternary
1:00:45 Ending



For the sake of completion: History of Mankind in ~4 minutes:


The end remains of a movie called ‘Idiocrazy’


What a wonderful video, thank you!!!

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Excellent, thanks!

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Thank you but credit is due to Steve Cutts, a truly talented artist!

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One of my favourite movies, so funny but so true

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