HISTFILE setup error

I have my HISTFILE somehow setup as ~/.cache/bash/history and it wont change to anything else no matter what I do.
I have tried setting it to ~/.zsh_history in .zshrc, .bashrc, .bash_profile, .zshenv to no avail.
I have also tried setting it at boot
Ive even set up a linked file at ~/.cache/bash/history but that does not carry the history to the next boot properly either.

How do I set the HISTFILE as whatever i want?

What happens when you change it and where do where do you have it defined?
I have mine set in ~/.zshrc and it just works: HISTFILE=~/.histfile

Everywhere i could think of

Which shell are you using? Can you share the output of the following: echo $SHELL
You define that in shell config files, defining it in .zsh_history won’t work. What do you have defined for that variable HISTFILE and what error are you getting?

~/.cache doesn’t get erased between boots unless you are doing that(Which you really shouldn’t be)

Are you sure your actual issue is related to the location of the file?