High Idle Battery Drain

Using EndeavourOS on Asus Zephyrus ROG M16 (GU603Z).

  • Intel i9 12900H w/ NVIDIA RTX 3070Ti

I installed EndeavourOS alongwith asusctl and supergfxctl from asus-linux.org. The dGPU is disabled and the monitor is at 25% brightness
However I’m noticing a high battery drain. Battery consumption ranges from 20-30W on idle-light usage with Power-Profiles-Daemon on Power Saver. Another person’s idle usage of the same laptop (on Fedora) is around 8-9W.

Moreover, running sudo turbostat reveals that the CPU is only using around 5-8W. The drain is basically the same in a TTY session.

How may i debug this further to find the issue?


You could take a look at some of the info on the wiki and see if it helps:

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. However, as I’ve stated above the power drain is not due to the CPU consumption. It doesn’t rise higher than 5W in most cases, so using CPU frequency scaling and such methods wouldn’t really have an effect.
And I have power profiles daemon configured already.

Try running powertop and see if that will give you a clue about what is using so much power.