High cpu usage by systemd, dbus, xorg and more

hi, i’m experiencing high cpu usage by pretty much anything including systemd, dbus, xorg, spotify, firefox. usually they just go away when i’m idling so it only happens when i do something (picom animations also make the cpu spike for an instant then it returns back to normal), it’s very annoying and prevents me from doing anything demanding (i can’t play games, no matter how light they are). i didn’t have this problem in windows so i doubt that it’s about the hardware, i have no idea why it happens though. it’s not about bloat or memory either, as i saw high cpu usage on firefox with openbox (as in just openbox, i used the openbox community version of eos without any of the “makeup”, no tint2 etc.) and i use less than half of my ram. my bspwm setup can be used without any problems on computers with worse specs. i think it might be about nvidia drivers, i used the nvidia-inst eos package to install the drivers. i have an asus k555ln laptop with 8 gb of ram, 1 tb of hdd (i don’t need an ssd), geforce 840m and i7-4510u. i didn’t have any other problem since i started using this distro but this is starting to get unbearable, i will have to go back to windows if i can’t fix it which i’m fine with but i’d rather keep using arch or eos because of the aur. the problem persists on manjaro and vanilla arch too by the way. i haven’t tried debian based distros. thanks in advance.

Share some info.

output of
journalctl -b
inxi -Fz

hi, sorry for the late answer. i just deleted eos and installed windows 10 to see if the problem persists (i’m currently installing the drivers so i don’t know yet). i enjoy using endeavouros a lot more and plan to use windows only for game pass though so i will post the outputs you asked for after dual booting with endeavouros later today or tomorrow. thanks for helping.

bumblebee perhaps?

hello, i’m back. the problem persists (to a lesser extent?) while using windows so i doubt it’s about the operating system. i was happier with endeavouros so i will dual boot today but i want to find a solution. i checked my hdd’s health, it’‘s fine but i might try switching to an ssd temporarily to see whether it’'s about the hdd or not. thanks for your help, i will come back and update if i ever solve it