High CPU Temps

I recently switched from Manjaro to EnOS ( like 2 hours ago ). While gaming on Manjaro my CPU temps never exceeded 65. Just played Skyrim for a bit to check graphics & all that.

Anyway, my CPU was holding a steady 70 while playing Skyrim and I got spooked so I shut everything down. Is there anything different about Manjaro that would have kept the temps lower??

I have an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor

Don’t worry. My 3900 easily hits 80°C on very heavy tasks like compilation.
The CPU will clock down anyway when temps are too high or when the thermal limits are trespassed.

Difficult to say why temps on Manjaro are lower, there are 100 possible different reasons :wink:

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Use TLP with TLPUI. Open TLPUI and try to disable cpu boost. This MIGHT decrease performance but not by a lot, but what will happen is that temps will decrease SIGNIFICANTLY!. Also, make sure your thermal paste is a high quality and still fresh, also the cooling must be very good as well.
70c on CPU is not very much and not bad at all. If you were hitting like 80c and up, then it would be a big concern.

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Not really. Maximum allowed temperature for Zen2 is 95°C.


Yeah but still, 80 and up is still kinda dangerous for the cpu.

In my opinion 80+ temps are somewhat normal on heavy tasks (gaming is rarely a heavy task for a CPU). Of course it depends on the cooling system and the room temperature as well.

You can test this with heavy hitters like mprime or stress -c <number-of-cpus>.

PS: you are right though about the thermal paste. This can make a big difference.

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I built the computer last month. I really hope it’s not the paste already :rofl:

I will look at TLPUI as soon as I’m back home. Thank you all for the help!

70°C while gaming is perfectly fine, though it’s worth monitoring it.

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Also you can watercool it if you really wish to reduce temps under load :upside_down_face:

AMD say max temp is 95°C


My thermal paste is really not the best one.
But I’m very easily hitting 80+ on full load, running at 3.97-4.03 GHz.

I would buy some really good thermal paste. It is always the one “component” in my builds I splurge, because it does make a difference.

TLP is not much use on a desktop??? That is what I was led to believe.

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I don’t see why endeavour would make it hotter over manjaro. It might just be a coincidence of another factor like dust or thermal paste ageing. It’s also good to remember that when you are gaming, the gpu is outputting heat inside your case which can affect your cpu temps.

It might very well be the out of the box settings of tlp or other cpu management tool present on one or both systems. I had issues when installing tlp with EOS (if selecting it at system install) and didn’t have them when tlp was set up with Manjaro.
If temps were lower on Manjaro, then maybe the CPU was under-performing. More power equals more heat for the same CPU.

You can’t compare Manjaro to EndeavourOS. It’s apples oranges. There is no way to know what Manjaro has repackaged, there are three Manjaro repositories (on top of arch), and any number of changes they made. :hugs:


and we only start TLP per default, to simply prevent from burning notebooks, but you need to setup to your needs, differently on different hardware.
there is also a TLP gui [tlpui]

and more you could do: