High battery drain

I’ve recently installed EndeavourOS with i3wm on my huawei matebook 13 with a ryzen 3500U and I’m experiencing a lot of battery drain. It doesn’t look like the cpu is particularly stressed. I installed TLP but nothing changed. How can i understand what is sucking up my battery? I’m new to Linux, thank you in advance for helping

welcome at the forum @Ka3ru first of all… :enos:

Your device is mobile and AMD CPU… so TLP could be the better option instead of what EndeavourOS installed per default the much simpler power-profiles-daemon But to use TLP you first need to uninstall or mask p-p-d from running, and enable TLP to run.
If you do not know how to do this i can help indeed.

You could also look at cpupower it can handle the governor for the CPU and there is Thermald only to share some of possible tools…

TLP is the one if you want to dive into tuning the power saving options. It has a GUI too that is more easy to set up these settings… https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/tlpui

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Thank you @joekamprad for the quick response.
I removed p-p-d when I installed TLP and i’m using it with the gui you shared. I don’t think it’s a matter of CPU as I checked with htop, the usage was around 1% and fans didn’t even started but battery was dropping fast.
I tried to get a repo with powertop, but I don’t know how to interpret it

Perhaps it could be the firmware trying to talk back to China all day long or running on empty without M$-Windoze?

TLP can do much more as only scheduling CPU governor…

And if battery is fresh and empty fast it must be load causing it… not only CPU but display / wifi USB … all can do this…
But it is known issue that Linux drain battery faster because systems are not optimized for … Linux…

Hi, I’m also experiencing something similar. My CPU and GPU hardly have a load since I use them for office automation and with a window manager (bspwm) and my battery runs out in less time than before.