Hiding win pc in closet next to router and play games on EOS with Moonlight

Trying to see if anyone attempted this before. I’m trying to hide my eyesore of a windows desktop PC in the closet next to my router there. Then use EOS with moonlight installed to play games like Warzone, on my linux laptop. Has anyone done this before? how was performance?

Why am I doing this you might say? I live in New York City, space is at a premium and well my around desk area is short on space. I just had a child, and baby stuff crowds my nearby workspace.

I think performance will come down to 2 things, how your 2 machines are connected, and the specs of your host machine. Ideally if you are going to be streaming from one computer to another using something like moonlight, or steam link it would be best if both systems are hard-wired to your network. If one or both are wireless, then expect some lag or degraded graphics. Also since lag of some kind is unavoidable even if both are hard-wired I would say to reduce any extra lag use wired input devices such as controllers or mice/keyboards as wireless devices will introduce even more lag.

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If you play most of your games through steam you can use steams built in streaming feature. If you want full desktop access I use to use Splashtop years ago to play games from my phone on my home PC when out. Its a really good solution but idk if its free for in home or not these days.

I haven’t tried that so I can’t give you specific advice but I would be sure to check that you have sufficient ventilation in that closet to handle the heat your PC puts out while gaming.