Hibernation is not correctly working

I have setted up a swapfile of 16 GB and I have 16 GB of RAM

this is how it is set up in /etc/fstab

/swap		none		swap		sw	0	0

So when I did set all of this up, On xfce if I were to shutdown over here


I see a bunch of options, and now I notice Hibernate and Hibernate-sleep

So when I press hibernate, then if I were to turn on my PC again, then I notice that all of my seasion is gone.

So how would I fix this?

You can’t hibernate to a swap file as easily as you can with a swap partition.

See this on how to set up hibernate to a swap file:


What you need to do is set up resume= and resume_offset= as kernel parameters (in your GRUB or wherever).


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