Hibernation - can't wakeup

I’m install Endevour with full disk encryption, btrfs, swap+hibernation. But my laptop can’t wakeup.

Gparted https://imgur.com/a/cH93Na4

/etc/mkinitcpio.conf with HOOKS="base udev autodetect modconf block keyboard keymap consolefont encrypt openswap resume filesystems"

Kernel 6.0.6-arch1-1, linux-lts have the same problem.

When I try to wakeup laptop, I see the GDM, but GDM no react when I click mouse/keyboard. So I can’t get input password.

Can you help me?

Also, I can’t switch to tty with ctrl+F{2,3,4,…}

Also, when GDM screen is visible, I’m try connect over ssh to laptop and restart GDM. systemctl say nothing == GDM may restart, but restart not happens. Available only shell via SSH. This made me sad

this is an issue/BUG coming with latest GNOME update:

try uninstalling gstreamer-vaapi
yay -Rc gstreamer-vaapi

gstreamer-vaapi not installed.

I’m reinstall with Plasma, same bug. Can’t wakeup with full disk encryption (swap with hibernation).