Hi, meet EndeavourOS!

Net-install is coming with checkboxes for each category. Well, you’ll see in time.

I hope I won’t get my bottom kicked for spoiling this info :scream: :crazy_face:


Hi Markoff, nice to see you back on the forum again.

The options for a user to choose it before the installation process isn’t coming in the upcoming releases. It is our goal to do so, but the honest truth is that we have to broaden our coding skills, especially Python.

None of us are coders by trade and we’re learning on the job.

So it isn’t a definitive no, but once the big job is done, we can focus on how to figure out to put that option in Calamares.


Thank you for your reaction.

You can install Plasma, just read the following wiki:

If Kalu is still installed remove it before removing Xfce.

For your printer and scanner question, I suggest to open a new topic and put in your printer model in it, I’m sure we can help you further setting it up.

I didn’t want to create a topic, but… the devs from CondresOS finished their project.
As the saying goes, such things happen in the FOSS world. However it’s nice on their part that one of the systems they recommend to their users is Endeavour.


Thanks for the response I think I will wait for the net install.

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