Hi Let' Meet @ endeavouros

hi, i am ringo, a linux user from belgium, used antergos from 2016. Stil i have a new pc with no endouvouros installed stil an arch based installation probable move also to the endeavouros repo’s when is good.

Im a big fan of linux. Introduced by Knoppix linux cd to linux, going intoo linux by suse later on ubuntu and xubuntu, i used xubuntu from 2006 till 2012 when im going to linux mint for some days and lmde. And saw the light of Manjaro. I learned lots of them at manjaro but from 2012 tpo 2016 used it. was pretty active on IRC but internal conflict drove me away. And found home at antergos. With this community like to go within active to the edge !


welcome @ringo let’s have fun at our new forum!:footprints:

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Hey ringo

I’m coming from Antergos myself and I’m also from Belgium. So let’s enjoy EndeavourOS together :slight_smile:


Hi Aardbol, nice to see you here.

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Hey ringo; no longer sleeping I see. :wink:


on that forum indeed :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m Zoli62 from Hungary. I have been using Antergos for a year, otherwise I’m a Debian veteran. This will be the final name of Antergos successor?

Hi @zoli62 , yes indeed the final name. Good to meet you :slight_smile:

Hello everyone.
I have been using linux since may 2018 (and for a short period in 2006).

I strongly prefer rolling distros and my journey, roughly has gone Antergos, pure Arch, SwagArch, Manjaro, Tumbleweed, Manjaro. Now looking to get back closer to Arch again because reasons.

hey there, i’m a web-developer using linux exclusively for almost three years now. i’ve made the switch from windows and decided i like rolling especially since 5 years ago i had tried ubuntu derivatives for a year but got frustrated with the stale state of all apps.
so I went neon cause i wanted bleeding edge KDE (in the hope i’d get faster access to fixes for the little annoyances of KDE at that time. Plasma was a new thing back then), then i ditched KDE and tried tumbleweed, then finally Antergos. i tried installing manjaro but didn’t like its look:)

@Beardedgeek72 'm curious, what made you switch from tumbleweed?

It’s an amazing distro but it suffers from the same things as Fedora: minor annoyances like the exclusions of virtually all codecs for example.
I mean sure, adding the required repos is quick but it’s annoying.

Plus I just prefer Arch, the AUR alone solves so many issues.
On Tumbleweed I had to install Spotify as a flatpak for example, which I wasn’t all that happy about.

Spotify isn’t installing again so i might have too go flatpak also.

is kinda offtopic :smile: but see the comments https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/spotify/ , package is changed a bit, yay --editmenu spotify , and try to re-edit the pkgbuild.

I got my first experience with Linux over a decade ago when I discovered Ubuntu after getting very frustrated with Windows for reasons I don’t even remember now. For awhile I used that, then tried Lubuntu for a longer time as its lighter weight appealed to me. Got bored and tried Xubuntu for a short while.

Became weary of Ubuntu and derivative distros, so stumbled upon Manjaro. Ran that for a couple years I think, but left it because of incompatibilities I eventually found and also thought it odd for them to run their own repositories instead of Arch repos. Was just starting to read up on Arch when I made this discovery, but decided I wasn’t ready to try out Arch proper just yet.

Jumped over to the Red Hat family of distros by trying Fedora for awhile. I think the reason I eventually left Fedora was I got sick of being forced (not prompted, forced) to reboot every time this rolling release OS grabbed more updates. Experimented with CentOS some too at this point.

I finally got the guts to try an Arch install around this point, but I came limping away from my first encounter. I foolishly attempted it on a complex system (including 2 video cards in SLI) and lost my patience after troubleshooting for multiple days.

Actually went back to using Windows for some time, thinking maybe being in Linux all the time just wasn’t for me after all. But when Windows 8 came out, I cringed at that potential future and decided to give Linux another go. This is where I ran Debian itself for awhile, also tried out some more fringe distros like Puppy Linux and Slackware.

Then I discovered Antergos, and found it to be a much better way to return to the Arch family of distros. I stayed there for multiple years until my system bugged out right around the time they announced discontinuing the project.

Now I’m running Deepin, which I installed on a whim wanting a nice-looking OS to be my daily environment for now. But now I’m thinking Deepin as a DE might be better as Deepin as a distro, and I just so happened to see an article for EndeavorOS at this point!

Once a stable release with the online installer (so I can pick my DE instead of having XFCE install as default) is put out, I’ll be eager to try it - first on my laptop that I’ve lately been letting languish on my desk, waiting for something to come along that will run it well ever since Arch Labs bugged out right around the same time as Antergos! If EOS runs well there, I’ll give it to my main desktop too. Thinking maybe openbox or another minimal environment for the laptop, undecided on DE for desktop at this point (will deliberate beteween options given in installer).

So that’s my Linux journey in a nutshell! I love the fact that there are myriad distro choices between which I can move at will, which is so much more freedom than I ever had in my early digital life chained to Windows, which was all I really knew from childhood to college. But Antergos most recently felt like my Linux “home” (if a distro-hopping nomad like myself can have a Linux home other than the directory itself), so I’m pleasantly getting into this community and liking my stay so far. :slight_smile:


Wondering if I am in the minority that feels content to add-on a desktop environment as is now the case with EndeavourOS. Installing KDE Plasma with the instructions provided on this site seem complete and easy enough for my still beginner level Linux knowledge,


My only problem was that I had to figure out how to connect to the wireless thru the TTY… Since I don’t have any ability to have a wired network. I solved it, but it was a tad annoying and I really hope the net installer will be ready by the time I get a new computer for a reinstall.