Hi, I'm a new to EOS

Hello and welcome @Guzlr!



My story is eerily similar to yours. Long time Kubuntu user until a couple years ago. I did the build your Linux distro from scratch back in the 90’s when Slackware was the distro to do that with so, I knew the time commitment involved. Never even tried Arch. Manjaro got me off Kubuntu and set me in the direction of an Arch based distro. Then I started having problems. Too much bloat for a bleeding edge disto, I suspected. My son (who grew up with Linux like others grow up with Windows/MacOS) told me about EOS. I’ve only looked back once (why does setting up a printer have to be such a PITA) but, Ubuntu has only sunk further into its commercialization, and I just could not do it.


My experience almost exactly! Except I had been with Kubuntu more like 8 or 10 years – still have Kubuntu 16.04 on my old Mach V.
The problem I had with Kubuntu’s Snap version of Firefox is that I had it set to automatically start at session restore, but it wouldn’t automatically load my home page, which is just an html file of often-used links in a hidden directory on my hard drive. I can’t say that EOS doesn’t also have a couple of issues (mostly due to the move to Plasma 6), but it’s much snappier to load and run, and still way better overall.