Hi I’m new to the forums

Hi there , I’m uuut123 and I’m very new to this forums. I have been a full desktop Linux user since I think around September to November 2021 and I’m currently using Ubuntu . Using Linux in desktop has been great although I did have some problems but still it’s been nice . I’m a teen also but I know that this forums is very family friendly to kids like me :slight_smile:

Also how r u all and it’s nice to meet you guys for the first time .


Hi and welcome to the forum!

So, after Ubuntu you are deciding (or decided, I don’t know if you already have installed Endeavour) to give us a try, thank you for that.

As you might already know, compared to Ubuntu this system has a different approach and can be daunting from time in the beginning. Don’t hesitate to search the forums and ask us for help.

Have great journey and most of all, enjoy it!


Welcome to EnOS’ community!

:enos_flag: :handshake:


Thank you . I been considering to move to pop os but I might want to move to endeavor os in the future even though I like using static release distros . I might use endeavor os in vm just to test and play around and to see how it goes.


yo, welcome to purple side of linux :enos_flag:


Hello friend, I had also recently joined(in February) EndeavourOS world. And over that, I had never used Linux in the past.
The great amount of knowledge and support I received here helped me to learn the usage of the OS. Here you can find lots of experienced and knowledgeable experts who can provide you the ideas and help for your situations.

This is one of the most extensive work here :

These all are curated articles by expert members here. These are ever-growing articles.
Going through this and wiki.archlinux.org helps a lot. And something is not clear then you can contact here.

Indeed. I am also kid who studies in college. :smile:

In my case, I directly installed EndeavourOS right away on my system by entirely replacing Windows. And for your information, I want to state that I had never ever faced system crashes so far, despite the rolling release nature.
Enjoy your stay :enos_flag: :enos_flag:


Nice . I used to use windows too back in September 2021 but I accidentally convert my legacy bios partition to an Uefi partition ( back then i was kinda dumb and didn’t know what bios uefi meant ) and it crashed and broke my windows install since I have a legacy bios desktop ,So I just installed Ubuntu and I got used to using that distro for while and currently my new desktop os . I use the vanilla awesome window manager with the plank dock ( since I’m not that great configuring windows managers)


For me, its KDE. As I am still in learning phase, hence KDE suits my usage.

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Welcome to the forum mate

What I do whenever I wish to try out a distro and see if I like the “feel” of it.
I started using Linux when I was a a kid, a book in the local library had a disk with Fedora on in and I never looked back. I’ve distro hopped many times to get here and who knows may again one day.

You use Ubuntu with awesome? Huh.

Anyway, welcome.

Also, please don’t use txt speech like “thx.”. It can make things rather difficult to search for later if you have or require help. 1. We have a lot of non English native speakers here and it can be very confusing for them. 2. If you do have a good help thread that gets solved, it could be difficult for others to find if they don’t have full words to search for.

Good luck!

Welcome to our community! :beers:

EndeavourOS is for those who enjoy the journey more than the destination. Welcome aboard the purple :rocketa_purple:


First of all, welcome to this great community and I hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

I used to think LTS distros were better than rolling release… until I’ve found EndeavourOS. It’s good to test it first on VM, you’ll learn what to do and what NOT to do with this pretty distro and you’ll be ready to give it a try as your daily driver.

Welcome to the forum @uuut123 :balloon::tada:

Welcome aboard! :smile:

EndeavourOS is ins some respects quite different from Ubuntu, as already mentioned here. These differences are probably the most visible right from the start:

  • All EndeavourOS packages are very up-to-date compared to Ubuntu.
  • Packages will get updates every day, even many times a day.
    It is up to you how often you want to update your system, but I’d recommend at least once a week. I update packages daily mostly because I want to keep on par with all package changes.

Trying EndeavourOS in a vm is a good and easy way to start.
Later, to get all EndeavourOS capabilities available, you can install it natively to your machine. And if you want to keep Ubuntu as well, the recommended way is to have EndeavourOS in charge of booting. That’s because the grub/os-prober on Ubuntu may have a problem with booting Arch based systems. The grub/os-prober on EndeavourOS should be able to boot all systems.

Welcome to the community :beers: (if that’s legal for your age, where you are)

Yea before that I was going to move to Linux mint but then I decided to go to Ubuntu instead . I use the plank dock with vanilla awesome to make it easier for me . Ok I will definitely try to say thank you in the forums :slight_smile: . Also when I found arch and arch based distros like endeavor os , I was like i really want to distro hope from my Ubuntu install to endeavor or arco but I can’t currently ( due to not having a usb)

Welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am also kinda new and already addicted to this forum. EOS was my first Arch distro and last night I installed first time ‘‘real’’ Arch in KVM just to learn things.

Hi, it’s great to have you here! :frog:

Yours is a familiar story. I too was using Buntu for a larger part of a decade, and I was happy being stuck in the comfort zone of not knowing anything at all about my computer. But then little things (*cough*snaps*cough*) started to annoy me and I wanted to dive a bit deeper, and soon Buntu just wasn’t cutting it. So I tried Arch, but I had an old NoVidea card and I didn’t really understand all this nonsense about proprietary drivers, so I had a rotten experience with it and in about a week, I switched to Manjaro, which is like Arch, but for people who don’t know better :rofl: Manjaro was great, much better than Buntu, and I used that happily for about two years, learning a lot about Linux, with the goal of eventually switching back to Arch.

And just as I was about to do it, I discovered EndeavourOS by a very fortunate accident. A great thing about EndeavourOS is that it is not at all a pretentious distro, unlike Buntu and Manjaro. EndeavourOS as an operating system is just Arch, really. What makes it great (the best distro in my opinion) is this fun community here, which makes what is a fairly advanced flavour of Linux both fun and accessible for everyone who has a tinkerer’s mindset and the willingness to learn. So, if you’re just using EndeavourOS, or considering to use it, but not taking advantage of this forum, you’re missing out a lot!

So stick around, it’s very comfy here… :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. This is a pretty awesome community when it comes to learning how to use Linux/EOS/Arch. There are some great tutorials in both the forums and in the Wiki, which is way easier to understand sometimes than the regular arch wiki (while an awesome piece of documentation can sometimes talk over your head sometimes.)

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