Hi good folks

I guess I’m now a loud to post here. :hugs:
Sorry you have to put up with me. :thinking:
Been using Linux like forever and have been using Arch mostly for a few years now.
Love the EndeavourOS installer which saved me at least an hour from install the Arch way.
The OS is not overloaded with software you would never use and the forums seem to be well setup.
A lot of good folks here I have seen on other forums over the years and hope to help here and there.
Thanks for having me and putting up with me a head of time. :innocent:


Welcome @anon37112038
From another Canadian Arch user! :smile:

Edit: I mean EndeavourOS user! Sorry @Bryanpwo! I won’t do it again. I promise. :pray:


It never hurts to have someone here who has an idea of what’s involved with running an Arch-based system. Some of us are a bit ‘light’ on the experience end with Arch (like me), although have lots of Linux exposure.

We may just be being hopeful, but so far we’re not scared :smile:

(PS - nice flag, too)


This must be the Canadian page. :crazy_face:

Just an artifact of the time zone, I guess. Keep smiling!

Yes i keep forgetting about that. I’ve kind of lost track of time and days anyway being 6 weeks stuck in the house.

How could you tell I was Canadian? :joy:

Same way I did - the style of the writing, the way the experience was described, the sense of humour - oh - and the flag! :grin:

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Must have been the Polar Bear?

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welcome here and have fun!

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Welcome! It’s good to have more Arch (based) users around as always. I too have both. Most importantly, send me Molsen! I don’t care if I have to quarantine it for 2 weeks or whatever.

Beautiful country, thanks for letting me visit.

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@anon37112038 Welcome but then again, I’ve already welcomed you. :wink:

@ricklinux :rage: I’m watching you now!! :rofl:

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