Hi everyone!

Hi everyone I’m Adu !

I have known GNU / linux with nokia n900 (maemo) in 2010.
At the same time I installed my first debian base distro. Until now I’ve always used debian derivatives.
A few days ago I got a used thinkpad t440p, good deal! I decided to install an arch based. EndeavourOS I am here :slight_smile:
In a few days i had the opportunity to speak with some “pure arch user” … you know what I’m talking about.
“Let us not speak of them, but look, and pass” Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri

Except some solved bugs (which I will explain) I really like endeavorOS. GREAT JOB, keep going!

see you on telegram also :slight_smile:



first seen on telegram, now welcome you here at the forum!
If there is a solution we will help fixing everything :wink: