Hi everyone :)

Hello all,

I’ve moved to EOS after using Manjaro for quite some time (Ubuntu - > Mint -> Manjaro -> Garuda (only for a few days) -> EOS).

Loving the whole experience and the distro itself.

After getting annoyed with delayed updates on Manjaro (and some other issues that I was unable to resolve fully), I’ve decided to move to a distro closer to Arch.
Took me a minimal amount of time to get EOS up and running on my laptop, setup just the way I wanted but wasn’t able to do so on Manjaro / Garuda.

A huge thank you to the folks behind EOS, you’re doing an awesome job and I hope you know it.


Welcome aboard!

Glad to hear you are enjoying it so far.

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Hello :wave:

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but what was wrong with Garuda??


Nothing really wrong in a sense that the system was unusable, however a few issues that I encountered were deal breakers for me personally (first 4 issues below):

  • cpu was getting stuck at high frequencies and was not downclocking, which of course caused cpu to run much hotter than it should (playing around with the available settings, removing auto-cpufreq, forcing different governors did not help at all)

  • utilities such as TLP are not usable since they come into conflict with Garuda’s custom tweaks, thus further causing the system to run much hotter than it should

  • I was not able to fully power down my Nvidia card, no matter what I tried

  • laptop’s power brick was as hot as if the system was running under 80% load, while Garuda was idling

  • both boot and shutdown were quite slow

  • I’ve personally seen no performance benefits from Garuda’s custom tweaks (iirc there are even a couple of videos on YT showing that game performance is no better than Manjaro, possibly even worse)

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Welcome! From what I’ve seen over time I reckon any custom tweaking is better done by the individual. At least that way you can go by trial and error, then rectify any mistakes. I’m happy with EnOS/Arch as it is, but if I was going to tweak kernels and drivers I would study hard before doing so. :smile:


Couldn’t agree more.
All the tweaking present in Garuda just made any troubleshooting that more difficult.


Welcome aboard the Endeavour!

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Garuda is only about six-nine months old, so it’s still a very young project. It’s also very opinionated on what it aims to do - it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” distro, and it’s not supposed to be.

The spectrum goes roughly:

Arch <-> EnOS <-> Garuda

I had the same experience with Garuda, installed it for the first time last week.

If your preferences match what librewish desires in a Linux system then you are good to go, but if not then it can seem like ball of tangled fishing line that needs to be untangled before you can go fishing yourself.

To be fair that is not unique to Garuda though, all highly customized OOTB distros are similar in that way.


Welcome to the community :beers:


Welcome to the fun :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:


This sounds exactly like my experience two years ago. :slight_smile:


Dobro nam došao!


Pozdrav Kreso, hvala :slight_smile:


Welcome to the group! Enjoy.


Welcome aboard!Enjoy.