Hi EndeavourOS community!

Hi all!
French sysadmin here (in a mostly MS/Windows environment :clown_face:)
I always wanted to use Linux on my home PC, I tried Debian/Ubuntu/Mint several times over the years but since I use it mostly for gaming I always came back to Windows because I couldn’t play some games.
Then 3 months ago I tried Pop_Os! on dual boot and WOW! I was able to play all of my games right out of the box or just after a few minutes of tinkering.
So I fell down the rabbit hole and I spent more time distrohoping than gaming :upside_down_face:
I have been using EndeavourOS with KDE Plasma for a few weeks now and it feels so clean and quick I just love it!
I’m also a space/sci-fi nerd so the releases code names are the icing on the cake!


I hope you’ll never look back to that M$ Windoze crap, if you need any help or advice - don’t hesitate to ask :upside_down_face:



Welcome to the forum!

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welcome to Endeavouros forum. hope you enjoy your journey of enlightenment . :rocketa_purple:


Welcome aboard!!
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Welcome to the forum.

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

LOL if you get that Starwars quote. I definitely enjoy sharing and learning with everyone here.

Linux is definitely a different beast now compared to the days of Slackware and Redhat. Makes me happy how I can still do all my productivity and gaming. The only reason to boot into Windows is really to apply a security patch.

I would not be surprised if Pop OS, Fedora and EndeavouOS\Arch become the leading distros over the next 5 years (as long as there is road map for ARM based computers).


Welcome @besk

Welcome aboard @besk :enos_flag: … Don’t Panic and Always Carry a Towel


Welcome besc! :baguette_bread: :wink:

You already did much better on Pop! than Linus did, so I’m confident you will enjoy EOS! :grin:

BTW: Nice avatar!

Welcome to the community! :beers:

hello @besk,
welcome to the purple universe :enos_flag: :enos: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:

Welcome, @besk !

Welcome @besk

Welcome to the forum @besk :partying_face: :enos_flag: :enos: