Hi all! need a little help

Hi all!

i am pretty new to linux, back in 2014-2015 i experiment with Linux Mint 17, Arch (using alot of tutorials), Manjaro and elemantary os. I always liked mint 17 with cinnamon but my older laptop refused to work with linux and had alot of freezes. So i went back to windows 7 and later windows 10. 3 Months ago i made the switch again to Pop! OS 21.04 to see how it runs on my current laptop (Acer Predator G9-793) and it works great so far. I was impressed how linux has grown, even my windows games are working great.

I saw on distrowatch EndeavourOS which i never heard of. So i wanted to try it today in a live session but i ran in a issue. I tried to boot with and without nvidia drivers with no luck. I checked the iso hashes and it is matching too. I have secure boot and tpm disabled.

Any ideas how i can get into live session ?

Your laptop may have Intel Volume management or Raid. Are you able to run inxi -Faz --no-host on your current linux and post the output here with code tags.

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Hi rick, thanks for your reply.

I used a different usb stick and now i can boot into live. I will also use your command and post the output soon.

@ricklinux, here is the output. I don’t think i am using raid but i might be wrong.

It does have the Raid controller but is set to AHCI so you are good to go if it’s booting on the live ISO.

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Thanks! already checked and so far i like it. I wonder if it will perform better compared to pop! os. Maybe i will install it on my external ssd drive.

If you install it to your external SSD. Then when booted into it go into the default grub file in


You can use nano or another text editor.

Change the line “GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false” to “true” and make sure the line is uncommented and save the file changes.

Then update grub with

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Then you have a fully functioning system on the SSD and it won’t put anthing in the boot loader when you plug it into anything else to run .

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“Cannot read file data: input/output error” implies the issue lies with the media you are using.

Try creating the boot medium again, and try a different USB flash drive/DVDRW.