HFP sound quality bad after update

I’ve been using earbuds with a mic for over a year with no problem. I’m not sure if I used HFP or A2DP, but I’m guessing it was HFP, since the mic worked. The audio quality was great, and it was stereo.
The only option in the sound settings was “airpods pro” (I was using Airpods pro, now I’m using Jabra elite 4. The issue exists with both, but when the quality was good I was using the Airpods pro).

About a month ago, I started having problems with the mic. Now I have two options in the sound settings. “Airpods pro” and “handsfree - airpods pro”.
When using “Airpods pro” the quality is good, but no mic, and when using “handsfree - airpods pro” the quality is bad and it’s only mono.

After reading a lot about it online, I understand that A2DP has good quality but no mic, and HFP has bad quality but the mic works.

So my questions are: how come the quality is so bad now? Is there any way to improve it?

BTW I’m using gnome and pipewire, and I know about mSBC. When using mSBC the quality is a little better, but still very bad, and it’s still mono.

I’m not sure what relevant info I can give, but please tell me.

I noticed the same thing on my system. To me it feels like someone fixed a bug that actually made things worse. Previously it felt like a2dp was being used at the same time as hcp/hfp and now it no longer does that. I don’t know if that is what actually happened. I’m just spitballing.

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