Hey There! I'm Grixin :)

Hello EndeavourOS community. My online name is Grixin, I run a small youtube for world of warcraft and I’ve been exclusively on Linux for about 6 years now. I’ve been on vanilla arch with i3wm for the last 4 years. Decided to make a fresh install and try EndeavourOS. I stumbled across this distro when the grub issue hit. The article that was published was very good. I got the sense that this community is kinda spinning that archbtw elitist thing on its head. I wanted to be a part of that. :slight_smile:

I’m 33 years old and have a 4 year old daughter (who is cancer free for 6 months so far). I hope to meet you and maybe make a couple friends/help others who are newer.


Hi and welcome to the purple side of Linux :wink:
Great to hear about your daughter doing well again…


Welcome aboard! :enos: :rocket:

Hope and pray she will keep up the good fight and conquer it completely! :pray: :revolving_hearts:


Welcome to the purple side. We have yay!


Welcome to EndeavourOS. I hope your daughter is well. Never give up!


Welcome to the purple space @Grixin
:enos: :enos_flag: :rocketa_purple:
Good to hear that you daughter is doing well. Best wishes :pray:t4:


Welcome @Grixin :enos_flag: :enos:


You came to the right side! Welcome!


Welcome to the forum and hope the good outcome for your daughter continues to keep getting better!


hello @Grixin,

welcome to the purple universe :enos_flag: :enos: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:
all the best and best health to your daughter :pray:

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Welcome to the forum @Grixin :enos_flag:

Best health for your daughter.

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Welcome! It’s nice to have you here, and great to hear your daughter is doing well!

Stick around, this is a very fun place, and the distro is pretty good, too.

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Welcome @Grixin :wolf:

You’re in the right place…welcome!!

Seems like you are a cool person! Welcome :grin: btw gnome is better than plasma (and vis versa) :wink: :rofl: i3wm is one of my favorite.

Did you roll arch for four years straight? Mean no reinstall just updates?

Hey Zircon34, Yeah I was on vanilla arch for 4 years on the same install. Just updates and spring cleaning. A few times I learned by breaking. So I kept a arch usb drive on hand to arch-chroot in and fix. I was hit with the grub update bug so that past experience made it a 15 minute annoyance.

I’ve had my drives split up like: / , boot , home - So when I decided to clean install I just pointed endeavour to those places. I was up and running within 20 minutes. Only big thing was changing to KDE from i3wm. I’ve been tweaking keybinds and molding it to be more like what my muscle memory still is.

When dragonflight comes out, my freetime will be running m+ dungeons and OBS recording. Then using gimp for thumbnails, and finally kdenlive to edit before sending it off to youtube.

Thank you everyone for making me feel welcome. I’m sorry my daughter kinda stole the show. Kids are crazy resilient. She has been off chemo for 6 months and is living life normally getting into trouble, going to preschool, and super excited to go trick-or-treating.

It was good to meet everyone who stopped by!


Let her eat all candy she want’s, she deserves it. :smile: :jack_o_lantern: