Hey I'm Casey

Just installed EOS a few days ago. Love it so far. Used to use Manjaro and there was a point I used Antergos too. I started on Ubuntu for the first time successfully using Linux in 2010 or so. My first time trying to install Linux was around 2005 and I checked out a book and CD from the library and messed up the family computer lol.

I’m using Gnome 42 Wayland with mutter-performance. Enabled fractional scaling in gsettings and now steam can actually be resized on the second monitor.

I’d like to learn about where I can put certain config files in the cloud to where I can download them in case I need to start over ever.

I also want to learn to write a bash script for the install process.

I speak English and I live on the East Coast USA. I’m trying to learn Español and Gaeilge. Slàinte.


Hi Casey! Welcome to the forum!


Hi casey, welcome to the forum, to save your configs github/gitlab, its where i put my themes/wallpaper so if i need them easy to access


Thanks. Good idea.

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Hello @Casey , welcome in the forum.

For this, I will recommend you to learn from @Kresimir , as he is the among the best person here for scripting skills, according to me.


Hola @Casey !

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Hello Casey, I’m in the US on the East Coast as well.

Welcome to Endeavor !!!

There are many solutions out there for dot file management, but writing your own script to manage is a great scripting project. Good luck, and I hope you share your progress.

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Welcome Casey to our great forum!

Welcome aboard! :rocket:




Welcome to the forum @Casey :partying_face::tada::balloon:

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@Casey, welcome to the community, enjoy your journey!

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Dia is Muire duit, a Chathasaigh* - is deas buaile le Gaeilgeoir eile anseo!

Hi Casey, nice to meet another Irish speaker here!

*vocative case in Irish requires that initial consonant of the name of the person being adderessed be “lenited", i.e softened by adding a “h” after the consonant. There is some debate about whether this is appropriate for non-Irish names, so I took the liberty of using the Irish version of your username - Cathasaigh.

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Welcome to the forum! :enos_flag:

Welcome @Casey

Gnome 42 ftw! Welcome the purple side :enos:

I will keep a lookout for his posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mr_McBride I will let y’all know how it goes

@thereillywriter Dia is Muire duit, mo chara. I was looking in teanglann and it said buail means to beat? But it also means meet? What is the difference between that and cas/casadh? Why does it mean so many things? Níl ach beagán Gaeilge agam.

@Casey Interesting question, I never thought of it before. I would say that this demonstrates the importance of the preposition “le” which roughly equates to “to” or “with” in English.

E.g. “is deas Gaeilgeoir eile a bhuaile” means “it’s nice to hit another Irish speaker”. “A buaile” means “to hit”. “Is deas buaile le Gaeilgeoir eile” means “it’s nice to meet another Irish speaker.”

“Bhuail mé Casey” means “I hit Casey” (past tense), while “Bhuail mé le Casey” means “I met Casey”.

In the future tense: Tá mé chun Casey a bhuaile amárach- I am going to hit Casey tomorrow. Tá mé chun buaile le Casey - I am going to meet with Casey tomorrow.

Amazing how one preposition can mean the difference between a friendly chat over a pint of Guinness and giving someone a bloody nose, in Irish.

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If you like metalcore, check out a band called Grayscale Season, their new album Do You Like Violence just came out a week ago and I can’t stop playing it. It’s plenty parts heavy, mixed with some soft atmospheric parts as well.

Also Monuments, Viscera, Dreamwake, Crown Magnetar Cohen, Distinguisher, Angelmaker vein.fm, Venom Prison Rolo Tomassi, and a bunch of others also had amazing releases so far this last month. Feel free to check them out, I’ve been blasting them all a lot, it’s mostly progressive metalcore, deathcore stuff if you haven’t heard of them before fyi :wink:

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@Scotty_Trees thanks for the recs. I know a few of those. Always looking for new bands. I don’t think I’ve heard the Dreamwake album but all those others are great. I’ll be really happy when Erase Them drops something else. And looking forward to the new Worm Shepherd. I can’t believe they already tracked their third album and the second vinyl hasn’t even shipped yet.

@thereillywriter thanks for the grammar lesson, that’s actually really interesting. I downloaded some dictionaries on my phone today and I’m gonna try to learn some stuff.


Already heard of them all? What are you me?! :sweat_smile:

Ok ok, let me see if I can stump you just a little bit with some more recs (note these are all 2022 releases): Asleep at the Helm, As We Divide, AVIIRA, Cane Hill, Dead/Awake, ENOX (a must check out), Enterprise Earth (a must check out x2), Fit For An Autopsy, Great American Ghost (like Knocked Loose), InVisions, Pridelands, Shadow of Intent (you prob know this one for sure tho), The Dali Thundering Concept, The Last Ten Seconds of Life (must check x3).

Hopefully I got you at least ONE new band to enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

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