Heres what I think should be done about Yay/Pamac-aur-git

in the installer there should be 2 checkboxes:

[*] install Yay for easy package installation by command line (leave checked if unsure)

[*] install Pamac, a graphical/cli store that allows easy package installation made by Manjaro

I haven’t used the installer yet so I don’t know what it’s like (only transferred an install from arch) but I assume its similar to the Elementary OS installer or another clean installer so I’m sorry if this is inaccurate.

also I would like to see x86 builds based off of archlinux32 later on

It comes with yay out of the box.

Pamac or whatever ppl want can be installed if they want it by using yay for example but it won’t be included.

Ppl need to get their feet wet in the terminal anyway and it’s better to do that right after install than waiting for a problem 4 months later, like what happened in Antergos. Some ppl using Antergos only used pamac and was totally lost when it didn’t work cause a package didn’t build or whatever.



The underlying culprit for this train of thought are GUI-ladden OS, primarily Windows. When something breaks, GUI has you covered. Even in such situations, the command prompt is the most optimal way to repair, say, a borked registry. When all else fails, some linux-based rescue disk will have your back, with a GUI. :expressionless::joy:


I agree 100%. I am an Arch-newbie, and I like learning the command-line-only method of package and system management. Everything anyone needs to know can be answered with a simple web-search, or even a post here asking for help.

As far as information on packages, these are my two favorite links:

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yay -S pamac-aur-git

Not very hard for those interested in it.
I mean if ppl can’t even do that - maybe Arch is not the right distro to go with :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents

edit: forgot -aur-git

I was thinking this would be something like manjaro but less bloated–but this works too. I just didn’t know the approach and saw people complaining on the forums.

still think yay should be optional so the anti-aur-helper people would be satisfied

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The anti-aur-helper users are probaly already using vanilla arch :wink:


yeah, I dont really understand the aurhelper hate. Yay is stable and all it does is download the aur package to /tmp then run makepkg -si. I understand yaourt since that was kinda sketchy but yay is fine.

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yeah - I consider myself like 49% Arch purist - but ffs people have to understand that not everyone like to use the computer the exact same way. Theres’ got to be room for easier solutions. Like you said yaourt was sketchy - I preferred pacaur anyway - but yay is a really good tool


I really appreciate your feedback, but I kindly request to read our website to discover our philosophy, before making bold claims.


yeah, I read it before making this post and @anon77235960 helped explain to me what you are trying to do with Endeavour OS. since you replied, is the installer you use (looks like the one from lubuntu-lxqt) open source somewhere? I have a custom setup and would like to fork it for myself so it fits my needs.

I’m sorry to sound harsh, but all info is on our website and forum, including the name of the installer.


I dont think you sound harsh, I didnt see the info for the installer but I will try to find it.

edit:found it