Help with virtualbox-guest-utils on openrc

I am trying Artix openrc in a vm with eos host. Guest resizing work without any issue on both manjaro and eos in vm and for arch one has to install virtualbox-guest-utils and enable the service vboxservice. I am not able to acheive this in openrc. Please help.

You should probably ask this question on the Artix forums. That would be the best place to get support for Artix/openrc


I don’t think there’s any “probably” in it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@dalto @jonathon This is what every “I hate soystemd” person was telling for years and now I realize why he/she is are correct. You cannot get the virtual box guest auto resize in a non-systemd distro. I have tried hundred of ways but it isn’t possible. Not with runit not with openrc. This really sucks. Get ready for a systemd kernel. Hours of research to know why systemd sucks :face_exhaling:

Finally :

I will still try if virt-manager helps or not but as for virtualbox it doesn’t work in non-systemd.

There is no reason to have a systemd debate on topic about support for another distro.