Help with thunar custom action

Friends, it is possible to write a custom action thuner to calculate the total size of files or folders when you delete them

Do you want to move the files to the trash or delete them completely?

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delete completely

Of course, it can be improved.
If possible, then calculate the file size
Define the trash button or the Permanent delete button and cancel button
Permanent deletion also defined trash

There are probably enough examples. Look here:

But this needs a little work and appropriate tools like xdialog or zenity since dialog windows are needed. yad is preinstalled as an alternative since it is needed by the EOS welcome screen.
See here:

yay -Ss "xdialog|zenity"

Have fun trying it out. :wink:

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You, who have experience working with thunar action, can write the desired thunar custom action?

yad is installed by default and is the replacement of zenity.

It’s a forum, not a customer service.


I have mentioned above. You would only have to convert the Zenity commands to YAD. Should not be so difficult.

No. Sorry.
There are enough examples available with instructions for the thunar command and the corresponding bash scripts.

My bad, looks like I need a coffee.

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I’m having coffee right now and I have to go to my mom’s house in a few minutes. It’s Mother’s Day in Germany. That’s a holiday. :bouquet: for our mothers. :rofl:


Happy Mother’s Day!


Yes, this is a forum, I didn’t ask to write a personal program.
I suggested a script, of course that many people will use it

There are people in the forum who have enough knowledge and experience.

I guess if you started to do some of the writing yourself and then ask for help/suggestions/comments then you would receive different responses.

People helping here are volunteers, dedicating their time, energy and knowledge to help other users.

The demand for writing a script from scratch, tailor-made for user X or Y is not reasonable.

Also, if you have suggestions for improvement of Thunar you could address yourself to its development team.


For testing, I opened, entered “thunar custom action show file size”, found an answer in the first link of the result pages.