Help with nvidia drivers

is there a way to get nvidia-340xx drivers ? thanks in advance

hello, nvidia-340xx drivers are on AUR

thanks, last time i tried this it would not compile (i get stuck at a loop error while trying to install it from terminal) i finished installing endeavour yesterday (had arco linux installed), i remember having dkms + glu + mesa packages installed with 0 screen tearing, i tried installing those on endeavour os and am still getting some massive screen tearing.

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I just installed “nvidia-340xx-dkms” from AUR, seems to have worked so far!


Don’t run this as root user.

Use # yay -S nvidia-340xx-dkms

Look to see if any differences are detected and accept all if newer drivers are detected.

I seem to have cured my tearing using this command, but videos still seem a little choppy on my GeForce-210 card.

I think I need to upgrade to a 2GB or 4GB card.