Help with hibernation

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to Endeavour OS and I’m trying to figure out a small unwanted behavior with hibernation on my desktop computer. Long story short, I don’t want it to hibernate so I can access it remotely. If I start the computer and don’t log in, it will hibernate. If I start the computer and log in, it won’t hibernate.

I have already disabled hibernation and hybrid sleep in the systemd sleep.conf from

Any reason why the systemd services would only start running on log in rather than on startup?

Can we see what you set in sleep.conf specifically?

You could try to mask the corresponding systemd targets:

sudo systemctl mask

This is how I got rid of suspend, hibernate, etc.

This may be what I am looking for though. I’ll try this tonight. Thanks

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Worked great. I think this is just a better way to go for getting rid of hibernation. Thanks for your help!

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