Help with github forked repo

I had forked and made a pr to a repo but those changes weren’t accepted. The problem is that I made those changes on my main branch as result whenever I try to fetch it from upstream it prompts me to again make a pr which ofc I don’t want to.


As a last resort I can delete this repo and fork again but asking here for some other appraoch.

hey @dalto put it in lounge but pl dont close which i think you were just going to do.

You should never make changes in the main branch of a forked repo. Always make your changes in a branch.

If you don’t care about the changes, just delete your fork and create a new fork.

If you do, create a branch which will have those changes and then reset the main branch to match upstream and force push it up to github.

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How to do that. All stackoverflow commands not work.

Forum aside

If you know a topic is marginal or likely to be closed then it’s worth considering whether posting it is the right thing to do.


Try this one:


Thanks a lot. This worked. I wonder I github doesn’t do that automatically if one wants.

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