Help needed writing How To | Replace Pulseaudio with Pipewire for EndeavorOS

This worked really well, I think my sound system is fixed. The only issue that remained for me was sound when playing Youtube videos using Firefox. Some videos played with sound, some did not. I did some research and it seems Firefox is very dependent on Pulse. One way I got around this, and recommended by a user, was to install ‘apulse’ which is in AUR. This I believe fixed my sound issue with Firefox.

Is Arch planning on replacing Pulse with pipewire? I had it on KDE and everthing was fine until an update caused it to have a whole bunch of duplicate audio devices listed. Now i only have one as i am back to what ever it installs on an new installation.


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Isn’t up to the DE too? The guys making Pipewire are part of the GNOME project so that would probably the first DE to adopt it…

Definitely some Manjaro strangeness (e.g. installing manjaro-pipewire does not install all the pipewire packages). I want to really only be updating every 3 months but that is not the Arch way.

As I have been testing today I was able to duplicate with my bluetooth headphones going to HFP for quality. So will be nice to see how things are in September.


This seems to be sorted now. My headset defaulted to using A2DP.

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Hi Everyone,

This topic was about writing a document to help people switch from Pulse Audio to Pipewire.

My suggestion is we have Keithy create a separate Post to troubleshoot his setup.

If there is an outcome of the investigation which should go into the HOW TO: then post your comment here and then I will consider revising (include a link to your Post here as the source of the information.

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I figure I would share that Pulseaudio Volume (pavucontrol) in Gnome actually lets me set by Bluetooth headphones to use the aptX low latency high quality audio codec. This is something I cannot do in Gnome Bluetooth\Audio Settings yet.

Screenshot from 2021-03-23 16-11-42

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it might actually be a separate problem; Bluetooth headphones in Gnome has always been a damn mess for me.
Which is why I Chose to use Blueman instead of Blueberry in Xfce and Cinnamon; blueman just works better with headphones specifically for me.


Question: what audo mixer package should I install? I run pipewire just fine, but Xfce still has pavucontrol set as default audio mixer and I have no other installed, it seems.

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Does pavucontrol still work?

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Turns out that

sudo pacman -S pipewire pipewire-pulse --needed

also removed pavucontrol since it is not a dependency for pipewire-pulse but a dependency for pulseaudo.

All I had to do was to reinstall it since it “thinks” pipewire-pulse IS pulseaudio (the dependency check in pacman literally says this: “Optional dependency: pulseaudo [installed]” even tho it is not, but pipewire-pulse is.

SO another thing to add to the instructions maybe? At least for Xfce users @kagetora13 ?

Exactly what I was going to tell you. :+1:

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Well now I can set my headphones as default audio device again :wink:

This whole thing was so confusing. In my Wine games, half the time the sound would not work. I had to toggle the volume up and down to get Wine to recognize it before the game launched. The other issue, a microphone icon in the task bar (KDE) kept popping on and off, and every time it showed, I had sound issues. Apparently a bug or something, saw reports filed on it.

I decided to revert back to Pulseaudio legacy including Pulseefects, and now everything is back to normal…and more importantly…works correctly.

Yes. pavucontrol still works when using pipewire instead of pulseaudio.



So far from my testing (with Gnome Desktop) I have to use pavucontrol so I can dependably switch my audio inputs and outputs (Bluetooth Headphones, HDMI Audio to TV). Gnome will just clear my preferred choice in Gnome settings.

Additionally pulseeffects is having issues when interacting between desktop applications and Web Applications. Symptoms:

  • The sound,music will change to a slower speed.
  • You will stop music\sound and it will take several seconds to stop.
  • When using Firefox with Web Applications, the Web Application may request a different latency settings which will cause cracking and popping when pulseeffects is running.
  • There is also some configuration issues between the updates where audio is cutting out.

I’ve included some sources as we all navigate through the various issues.>=0.3.23)

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This is the exact bug, but reverse, I have with Pulse btw. Amusing in a way.

Keep in mind that PipeWire is still early in development, under very active development (77 commits in the past week), and is seeing very regular releases.

There are things that didn’t work last week that do work this week.

Therefore, if you find an unfiled bug then report it to the developers:


:slight_smile: Its like you got a free re-mix of a song you did not know you had. LOL

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