Help me decide which distro to hop to

Guys, I am officially bored enough to consider distro hopping. I wanna do a little adventure in parts unknown, more specifically Fedora. If there are other people here that used it and whatnot, tell me about it. I will see how things there most likely. and then move back to EndeavourOS cause it mostly just damn worked

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Was the first distro I ever used, I would advise try it out in a VM first and learn about it and see if it is for you, its been a very long time since I have used it


I recently switched to NixOS, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so. If you like Arch, you will probably like NixOS as well!


I’ve been curious about it but not enough to switch, I used to hop all over the place but I think between a mixture of age, laziness and comfort has kept me here

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If you definitely want something Fedora-based, then Ultramarine Linux has been good in my testing so far.

If you don’t mind keeping it Arch, then Archcraft, ArcoLinux and Artix are good too.

And to go a bit outside what may be your comfort zone, you could try Void Linux, Rhino, or Nitrux.

Like @smokey said. VMs first.

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I have my whole configuration in Git. If I were to need to reinstall all I have to do to is manually partition my disks and then generate an initial configuration and do a basic install(similar to pacstrap). After which I can pull down my configuration files and run my build and all my packages and configurations will be built by running one command, including my dotfiles.


If you gonna hop, do it without “safety net”!

Screenshot from 2024-06-18 22-08-34

Use the “Random Distribution” button on DistroWatch!

Read about what comes up.

Hop on what tickle your fancy!


And up comes Linux from Scratch! :rofl:


Like I said laziness is also part of it

That would be to take a leap of faith unto the Unknown.

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Once you have your configuration setup, it will be a lazy next install. :wink:


If you wanna try out something fedora based, nobara is very cozy and nice to use. Although its primary use is for gaming, it works as a normal desktop and was really nice when I was testing it.

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Or Silverblue.

True, though when I do re-install and the last time was about 2 years back I think its because I want to change things up

This was one I was eyeing off a while back, I think is also made by the same person behind Glorious Eggroll?

Is this the immutable one? I could never actually get my head around what that meant even with people explaining it too me like a child

Glorious Eggroll is his Username, hes a redhat employee. He works on the GE line of gaming tools like wine-ge and proton-ge.


This is what I meant, my heads a bit fuzzy right now

In short, you get base image that can’t be changed. Recommended way to install graphical applications is Flatpak. If you need command-line applications you can either install them using “rpm-ostree” and those packages will be layered as they call it. Or you can install something like homebrew and install your command-line tools from there. When there is an update, you pull in a new image and if you have layered packages that gets put on top of the new base image. I’m not really good at explaining things but that’s the short version of it.

Yer I’m reading words that makes sense then my brain just seems to go, “wait, what?”
Like I get it but I also don’t
Thanks for trying to explain it but

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