Help! Latest update broke Optimus+nVidia


I can no longer use my dGPU and therefore my external displays after the latest Endeavour OS Update; trying to launch optimus manager gives:

$ optimus-manager
ERROR: the latest GPU setup attempt failed at Xorg pre-start hook.
Log at /var/log/optimus-manager/switch/switch-20230910T155455.log
Cannot execute command because of previous errors.

prime-run doesn’t work either.

Thank you in advance.

I also tried reinstalling the 525xx drivers that were working for me under kernel 6.4, but they seem to have been removed under 6.5 (this seems to be the core of the problem). 535 doesn’t work with GPU switching for me because it fails to shutdown the Nvidia card when running in integrated or hybrid mode.

Did you try switching to LTS kernel?

Thank you for your response.

LTS Kernel is at 6.1, and my Arch Kernel was at 6.4 (now at 6.5 it doesn’t play nice with nVidia because I cannot install the 525 drivers via pacman, only the 535 ones which do not support GPU switching).

However, akm tells me that the KO version of LTS is 6.4, not 6.1. Is there a way to get the 6.4 lts?

I was able to get the 525xx drivers back but only in the 6.1 LTS kernel using:
sudo downgrade nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils

However, if I boot into the 6.5 kernel and run the same command, it still only changes it for the 6.1 LTS kernel, not the 6.5.

How can I sudo downgrade to 525 in the 6.5 kernel?

That’s strange, Below is my AKM.

You always can use terminal to install it.

$ yay -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers && sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Or you can break the command in to two.

$ yay -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers
$ sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Thanks for your help.

I did
sudo downgrade linux linux-headers
to revert back to 6.4, and then used yay to install the nvidia 525xx stuff again, system is working again as normal.

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