Help, Font!

Maybe this is not the right place to ask suck question, but i try anyway.
I installed today for the first time ArchLinux (never done it before and i ve considered to give it a try, but i will remain loyal to EOS on my main pc), it all went well, the only thing that i cannot figure out, is why this happen?
The font in the terminal are kind of strange ( i place some font in ~/.local/share/fonts as i have always done)2021-01-06-21:59:35-screenshoot

Left=kitty, Right=st
Also if i autocomplete some path in zsh, words will overlap one another
The same fonts are render properly in the status bar and any applications.
Any suggestions?

do you have a problem with fonts in tty? It may be difficult to debug with a broken terminals.

Anyway, you can list all your fonts with fc-list, so

fc-list | grep local

should show you if your fonts from ~/.local are known to your system.
That is for a start.

Next maybe this relevant piece from arch wiki.

For Xserver to load fonts directly (as opposed to the
 use of a font server) the directory for your newly 
added font must be added with a FontPath entry. This 
entry is located in the Files section of your Xorg 
configuration file (e.g. /etc/X11/xorg.conf or 
/etc/xorg.conf). See #Older applications for more 

Then update the fontconfig font cache: (usually 
unnecessary as software using the fontconfig library 
does this)

$ fc-cache

Next is checking terminal configs - I dont use your terminals so I don’t know where to start (probably ~/.config/ or ~/Xresources).


I reproduce more or less the same configuration of my other laptop running EOS.
Kitty is configured via a config file, and st with a c header file.
Both require a string describing the font.

fc-list | grep “whichFont” produce the fonts that i put in ~/.local/share/fonts
otherwise i could not use them to configure gtk applications

I don’t think that is something related to the particular terminals i’m using.

Looking again at the picture; is it possible that you have some odd characters in your ~/.bashrc PS1 prompt (or whatever shell you use)? Those question marks in squares are usually printed if the character doesn’t have a font symbol.

I use zsh, my prompt configuration uses promptinit, schars and a custom prompt i’ve created.
If i remove the prompt obviously the character are all ok, since no more strange character has to be displayed and also no more shifting of text with autocompletion.
But i cannot still see any icon with ranger.
I usually use NerdFont and all works fine in EOS

Solved, i m an idiot.
i forget to create and edit /etc/locale.conf
Now is all fine


I know I had this major prompt problem with bash because PS1 couldn’t be generated dynamicaly with escape characters.
I had to use a structure like this.

    PS1+="*whatever* " 
        #the last space is necessary

PROMPT_COMMAND=__ps_prompt_command      # PS1 generation

Maybe zsh has the same problem.

As for the ranger it is supposed to have some plugin files in ~/.config/ranger that are responsible for printing them. If the plugin is working but there is a problem with missing font you should at least see those question marks.
A quick look; my plugin requires that TERM != 'linux' so check echo $TERM if you have a proper value for your terminal.

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Thanks my dear for the help, i have figure out what was the problem!! :sunny:

Well I wasn’t even close. :laughing: