(Help) Ctrl + Alt kills the DE / WM

Why Ctrl + Alt kills every Desktop Environment / Window Manager? This happens doesn’t matter the DE / WM and idk how to change it. It’s frustrating because im used to hit Ctrl + Alt + T to open terminal, but on EndeavourOS this kills the desktop and just gives me a full screen commandline

It sounds like one of your Fx keys isn’t working or is stuck on. Sounds like Ctrl+Alt is also applying F1 through F4 which would drop you out into a TTY. The command line interface you are describing.


or your backspace key is stuck.
ctrl+alt+Backspace can kill X if activated

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How can I be sure that this is the problem? KeyboardTest shows no keys stuck. Ctrl + V also kills DE. I don´t have this problem on other distros.

do you only have one keyboard? If not does it happen with other keyboards? Could be a corrupt keymap. Keyboard could be failing as well how old is it? What type? USB, Cord or Bluetooth?

Install xev (if it is not already) and run it to check what keys are pressed.

It is clearly a hardware/keyboard issue.

Others have described possibilities very well. :+1:

This is indeed a hardware issue. I opened keyboardtest on Windows and noticed that when I press Ctrl + Alt, a bunch of other keys are also registered. No idea how I never noticed this before as I use this laptop every day for programming. Huge thanks to everyone here and sorry for the useless post I made.


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