Help about bootsplash

At first I need to say that I fall in love with this distro :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I cant set a boot animation either plymouth or bootsplash

**NB: I set plymouth but it disappear in a second and I want to increase the animation time

** in Manjaro I used to use bootsplash but I couldnt bring it to work on here

i have my endeavour using the system bootsplash…

manjaro does using grub-quiet…as fedora. Or you have to look to shift to systemd-boot or something…

but here does not have animation but probably is also mixed with plymouth of course…

how can I use bootsplash here

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welll…; that can be risky :slight_smile:

the asus bootscreen i use is not so long…

this is from my pc… , but using systemd-boot as boot …only i cannot make the gab smaller because the gap is the bootloader :slight_smile:

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So how do you add a bootsplash theme with a spinner to EOS. Would plymouth or the manjaro method be better?

Like your system bootsplash as my video is also depended on bootloader. Systemd-boot or grub-quiet not standard grub.

In enos don’t use plymouth its something from the aur. It was in arch before but it moved to aur

I heard plymouth is outdated now anyway as we now have better methods of bootsplash. How would you get the initcpio based bootsplash themes in Endeavour? Can you just add the hook or do you need more than that?

Kind of looking for something like this Kernel built-in Bootsplash in 2018 - YouTube

The bootsplash is more or less to start with system bootsplash start at begin of booting. If you use grub-quiet or systemd-boot with silent boot and splash option shoWs system brootscreen some pc can change i believe. With plymouth can do animation i think