Hello Wonderful Endeavour OS Community!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in this unusual time!

My name is Eric Londo and I’ve been playing around with Linux for almost 15 years now. At the beginning of this year, I took the plunge into becoming more active and involved in the Linux community by creating a weekly news publication called Linux++, which has been absolutely incredible in every way imaginable. I am also currently working on the GNOME project writing Release Notes and other documentation, which has been awesome.

The people behind GNOME are so wonderful and welcoming, it has now become my DE of choice. Since switching to GNOME, it has become very hard to use anything else since I am now completely engulfed in the amazing workflow.

In order to connect with you wonderful people in the Endeavour OS community, I figured I’d give a little background about me and my history with Linux:

My introduction to desktop Linux came through playing around on my father’s laptop in 2007, which was running SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 with KDE 3.5. A year later, I found Ubuntu with the GNOME 2 desktop and the awesome community surrounding it and ended up playing around with Ubuntu 8.04 in a virtual machine for quite a while.

The first time I installed Linux on hardware was on my old Windows laptop in late 2011 with Ubuntu 11.10. Soon, I fell in love with Unity and pretty much used Ubuntu all the way until 2018 when Unity was dropped. After encountering quite a few problems with GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 18.04, I began to finally distro-hop.

After trying out pretty much every distro on the planet, I had found a few that I thought could replace Ubuntu as my main OS. I first switched to Kubuntu for a while before diving into the Arch world, where I found the awesome community around Antergos.

Over the time period between 2018-2020, I experimented heavily with a few different distributions including Solus, Debian Sid with Cinnamon, and Pop!_OS with Unity after purchasing a System76 Oryx Pro. Those were definitely some fun times, but I kept finding myself wanting to return to Antergos until the issues started building up before its eventual shutdown.

Since then, I mostly stuck around the Debian-based ecosystem…until now, that is. Right now, I have Arch, Manjaro, and Endeavour OS all installed on different testing machines. However, I’m immensely enjoying Endeavour OS and am seriously considering installing it on my main machine and using it as my daily driver.

Sorry for the long winded hello, but I basically want to thank all of the Endeavour OS devs for keeping the spirit of Antergos alive and making it even better!

Hope to see everyone around the forums and in the community!


Well, now I have an excuse to return warm words to you over again… :wink:

Thank you for this wonderful introduction and, well, normally I say welcome to EndeavourOS, but in your case, it is welcome home, it is great to see you back again.