Hello to the community

Hey, I realized I posted my first question without even introducing myself… shame on me :pensive:
I am Niklas, studying in Oldenburg (Germany) at the moment, but actually from around Hamburg.
In the past I was using linux (mostly ubuntu) from time to time, but never got really deep into it, but now I learned about this community and liking the idea of a more basic and “decluttered” os I decided to give it a go… We’ll see how that works :sweat_smile:



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Welcome aboard, @smokee, just fasten your seatbelt & have fun with the ride. :+1:

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Welcome to the fun :beers:

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Welcome aboard!

I believe you’ll enjoy the friendly atmosphere here, which is kind of our trademark! :smile:

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you feel you want to ask something. The answers will be both informative and friendly.

And you’ll get much more out of the linux experience if you are willing to investigate in learning linux. However that doesn’t mean you’d have to study a lot of boring manuals. Simply come here and ask!


Herzlich Willkommen bei uns hier!

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