Hello to everyone

Hello. :slight_smile: I’ve been on Linux since May 2017, and have just started running Endeavour, with Mate/LXDE. It’s great; a big thank you.
Main thing is to paint; not a very online person, but I wanted to paint a wallpaper, by way of thanks, and hope people enjoy it. Will see if I can post it now. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your desire to paint us all a wallpaper! We are actually collecting wallpapers users have provided in order for all users to enjoy. Can’t wait yours!

But note that this forum software has some filters with new attendants, so please be patient with it! If you encounter any problems posting your work, we can help you with that.


Hello manuel :slight_smile: and thank you for your welcome and offer of help. Yes, I’d needed to wait a short while before being able to post, but have been able to post up the wallpaper just now. I needed to resize it down a bit, but no quality lost, so I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to paint, including learning more about galleons! :slight_smile:

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I already saw your work and it is amazing! Thank you again!


Very glad you like it, and thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hi @anon96036739. Welcome aboard! I think you will find your time with EndeavourOS and the community will be smooth sailing all the way. :wink:

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Hi keith :slight_smile: and thanks for your welcome. I’ve been quite a long time lurker, so it’s good to be out in the open seas with everyone! :slight_smile:

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@anon96036739 !

Welcome, come in and get comfortable, do you want to have a mate :maté:?!!!

Enjoy !

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Hi judd :slight_smile: and thanks for your welcome, and, yes, lol, always good to have a mate!

Hello, welcome to the EOS community and wonder what you are painting.

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Hi zoli62 :slight_smile: and thank you for your welcome. I’ve posted a galleon wallpaper (colour and greyscales), but if you mean you’d like to see a few more pictures, just let me know. Do you paint too?

Hi and welcome to the forum!
Do you paint analog and digital? If digital, I wonder what your setup looks like. I got a Wacom Intuos 3 (somewhere… :sweat_smile:) but never got it configured well under Linux.

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Hello northernlass and a warm welcome to our forum. The OS is truly wonderful to use each day - which is the reason why I switched to it once I used it for a while; I think you’ll find the same thing in our forum. I’m looking forward to seeing your artwork.

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Hi DevNul :slight_smile: and thank you for your welcome. I’m surprised to hear your Intuos 3 doesn’t configure well under Linux. With my device, it’s just a case of installing the kernel headers, and the aur’s digimend package. I’m using the LTS kernel … not sure if the Intuos would work better with another kernel?

Totally digital since a few years before coming over to Linux, and have always used the Ugee 2150 on Linux. That has the drivers in the kernel (+headers/digimend). I just searched ‘intuos’ on the digimend issues page, incase anyone had made reference, but there’s nothing I can see … the linux wacom project you’ve probably already tried. I know when I tried the new Wacom 15.6, they were helpful (couldn’t get away with the lack of brightness/contrast buttons).

I can recommend the Ugee 2150, if you ever feel like looking at anything else. This one is showing no wear and tear, after 3 years, and works great. Ergotron arm is great with it too. I use ptxconf (aur) to make the pen centred on the Ugee (2nd) monitor. I’m not sure if there’s a newer version of the Ugee 2150 (Amazon), but mine has 2048 levels of pressure and not 3-in-1 wiring, which is fine.

I think digimend support the XP-Pen 15.6 and 22, which are linked with Ugee (Ugee’s replacement nibs can be purchased via XP-Pen store), but, if interested, best to check. If you’re in the UK, XP-Pen has a store, and a wide variety of devices/accessories, and great customer service. Ugee very good too. I’ve used a Huion 1060 Pro briefly before the Ugee, and that was plug and play (back in the early days/Linux Mint), no problems at all.

Hello ve9cbc :slight_smile: and thank you very much for your welcome. Great that you enjoy EndeavourOS and the forum so much. :partying_face: Thank you for your interest about artwork.


Hello northernlass! :slight_smile: No, I don’t paint, I once wanted to study as an architect. I just love beautiful and demanding nature-themed pictures. Otherwise, I usually shoot photos.

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Hello zoli62! :slight_smile: Glad you enjoy photography and nature so much … always something interesting to learn/capture, for sure.